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Read all about how the life market is changing and how we’re helping our clients and their clients to change with it.


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Distribution Insight

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Acceptability through Acuity

To help them formulate an alternative regular savings product for overseas markets, a syndicate of 6 international life companies asked Acuity to road test a series of product concepts one-to-one with leading distributors in the Middle East and Asia Pacific markets. This eventually paved the way for more customer friendly and equitable propositions.

Another real-life example of Acuity’s Life Market Intelligence.


Lucidity through Acuity

An international life company was seeking independent validation of a series of proposed product enhancements. Acuity was called upon to conduct no-names testing with UK advisers, leading to a more targeted and effective product re-launch.

Another real-life example of Acuity’s Life Market Intelligence.

InsightSimon Willoughby